Do you Love Art? So do I!

That is why, after engineering work, I find myself between colors in the studio!

Free to try and experiment, I found the freedom by creating original art pieces!

As a self-thought artist, my mission is to bring joy to our lives, through colors!

My first approach was in my twenties!

With de pandemic, I finally made it clear to myself: accept the challenge, to push my creativity and to act!

I believe that art creation is the expression of my feelings, intuition, and impulsivity! There´s no perfection in mind!

The goal is to go deeper where nature and inner child can speak!


Why Choose GoretiArt?

Because it’s a proof that dreams, they can come truth! I believe, that when You look at those pieces you will see the best of the past and a bright and happy future!

Its empowering! I can assure you and Art will be there for you!


Meet Me

My name is Goreti Guedes, I was born in 1977, I am a Civil Engineer and Artist completely committed to Sustainability and Efficiency daily!

In the pandemic, it was possible to return to my great passion in working with paints, mediums, and creating works that unite us and make us smile!